What is Branding?

City brands can have a long-term impact on the perceptions of a city by residents, businesses and visitors. A brand is made up of a city’s logo, motto, color scheme and community sentiment surrounding identity. A brand defines what a city stands for and where it is headed. Carefully executing the branding process and developing a distinct – yet inclusive – brand will require great effort, but can yield positive results.

What is a brand, logo, brand statement and motto?

Brand will answer the question, “What is Norwalk?” The brand is more than a logo or color scheme; it is the accepted beliefs about a place and how the community is perceived.

The logo is the image used to represent the City. It will not replace the official City seal, but it will appear on City materials, on signs and within the community. It will serve as a recognized symbol of the community.

A brand statement defines mission, values, promise and character into a concise message. It supports the logo and motto and materializes the sentiments that lead to the creation of those materials.

The new City motto is a phrase which captures the beliefs and ideals of the community as a whole. It should be respectful of the past and hopeful for the future. It will be used on materials produced by the City, on signage and at other locations throughout the City.