City Council Considers Potential Mottos for Norwalk

The City Council met in late June to review the series of Brand Statements approved by the Brand Advisory Committee and to hear potential mottos for the City of Norwalk.

In January, the City Council voted to move forward with a citywide branding process that included two months of community outreach and a creative process for developing a new identity for the City of Norwalk. When complete, the City will have a series of Brand Statements, a motto and a new logo that embodies the community and the forward-looking direction of the City. The Brand will serve the community for decades as Norwalk evolves and grows.

After a series of community outreach meetings and extensive online engagement, the creative process began to evaluate community sentiment, fusing the spirit of Norwalk into a series of statements and a visual element.

The June meeting was the first official presentation to the City Council, reporting on the work of the Brand Advisory Committee and their recommendations. The City Council will now evaluate the Brand Statements and the motto options presented to them before making a final decision and moving forward with logo/visual identity creation.

Brands are important because they provide a unified sense of identity; they are a rallying point and a symbol of what an entity stands for. As Norwalk moves forward, striving for improvement and supporting growth and development of the community and its members, this brand will serve as a uniting symbol of this great city.

The City Council will meet again in the coming month to provide feedback on the proposed mottos. The complete new identity is expected to be revealed in late summer/early fall.

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