Community outreach is in full swing for Defining Norwalk

The community outreach process began last week with the first of eight meetings designed to gather community feedback as the City branding process moves forward. Then, on Tuesday of this week, a group of 36 seniors gathered at the Senior Center to share their thoughts on the community and what it means to them. A lively discussion ensued surrounding the challenges and opportunities facing the City. The feedback received at this and all of the community meetings will inform the creative process as a new logo and tagline are developed for the City of Norwalk.

At both community outreach meetings, members of the public participated in an exercise designed to solicit ideas about the values and defining characteristics of the City. Outreach continues next Monday with a Community Meeting conducted in Spanish, for more information on upcoming meetings click here. To provide feedback at the Defining Norwalk website click here.

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    Im hoping that the money your spending for the logo is also giving the city feedback what matters most what the people of this city really feel ,what we need ,who we are ,and where were going,thats whats matters most ,if the news wants headlines then lets give it to them ,lets show them what we can do thats good