Norwalk Branding Process Enters Creative Phase

This week, the Norwalk Branding Committee met to review draft brand statements that were derived from feedback received in the community. Brand statements outline core values and provide a sense of direction of an entity. The brand statements will inform future elements of the brand such motto/tagline and logo.

A total of seven statements define the spirit of the community. The next step in the branding process is the development of a motto/tagline and then a logo that will embody the community visually.

During the community outreach portion of the branding process, the City of Norwalk received 1,193 written responses from community members through community outreach meetings, community events and online submissions. This feedback was used to evaluate the common themes and values that run through the City of Norwalk.

To solicit feedback, the City ran a robust advertising campaign that included Facebook and Google advertising. Print ads in the Norwalk Now and the production of a Now You Know public service announcement were also part of the outreach.

General observations from the community outreach process include that Norwalk is a friendly community centered on family. This is a community of caring people who prioritize community aesthetics and public safety. Many people move to Norwalk to buy a house because of the affordability and the convenient location, and end up staying for a lifetime.

Once final brand statements are approved, the motto/tagline and logo will be created. The City is expected to unveil its new identity in late summer.

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