Norwalk City Council Adopts New Logo

A new city logo and color scheme was unanimously adopted by members of the Norwalk City Council on Tuesday, February 21st. The selected logo features two strong arches, connected and secured by a keystone. Marked with the letter “N”, the keystone represents the essence of Norwalk, a community focused on connecting with the people and places around it. The newly adopted color scheme not only differentiates the city from surrounding communities, but it also signifies the patriotic sentiments of its citizens.

The creation and development of the logo and color palette is the end result of a citywide branding initiative that began in January of 2016. This process encompassed a robust community outreach effort and market research. The information gathered during this process was used to shape and form a set of branding statements, a new city motto, logo, and color scheme.

Moving forward, the city will begin to implement the new brand identity in various design elements throughout the city. Some of the first places you will see it will be on City letterhead, newsletters, digital displays, and the website. Over the course of time, you may see it in other areas such city signs, trash bins, and buses.

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