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City Council Considers Potential Mottos for Norwalk

The City Council met in late June to review the series of Brand Statements approved by the Brand Advisory Committee and to hear potential mottos for the City of Norwalk.

In January, the City Council voted to move forward with a citywide branding process that included two months of community outreach and a creative process for developing a new identity for the City of Norwalk. When complete, the City will have a series of Brand Statements, a motto and a new logo that embodies the community and the forward-looking direction of the City. The Brand will serve the community for decades as Norwalk evolves and grows.

After a series of community outreach meetings and extensive online engagement, the creative process began to evaluate community sentiment, fusing the spirit of Norwalk into a series of statements and a visual element.

The June meeting was the first official presentation to the City Council, reporting on the work of the Brand Advisory Committee and their recommendations. The City Council will now evaluate the Brand Statements and the motto options presented to them before making a final decision and moving forward with logo/visual identity creation.

Brands are important because they provide a unified sense of identity; they are a rallying point and a symbol of what an entity stands for. As Norwalk moves forward, striving for improvement and supporting growth and development of the community and its members, this brand will serve as a uniting symbol of this great city.

The City Council will meet again in the coming month to provide feedback on the proposed mottos. The complete new identity is expected to be revealed in late summer/early fall.

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Defining Norwalk Wraps Up Community Outreach!

After a robust outreach schedule, the branding team is wrapping up community outreach at 10:00 AM this Saturday with a meeting at the Norwalk Social Services Center, located at 11929 Alondra Blvd. Involvement in the outreach process has been steadily increasing and residents are encouraged to take this opportunity to participate.

Throughout this process many people have asked, “What is a brand?” A brand is what you think of when you hear a name. It is made up of visual elements such as a logo, but also certain statements that are true and genuine. As a part of this process, the branding team has been talking to residents to find out what makes Norwalk tick? What is special about this community? And what do people wish Norwalk would be that it isn’t?

All of the information gathered through community outreach will inform the creative process as Norwalk receives a new logo, tagline and an authentic identity that will propel the City forward into the future.

Online feedback will be collected through the end of the month. If you cannot make it to the community meeting this Saturday, ensure your voice is heard online at www.definingnorwalk.com.

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Community outreach is in full swing for Defining Norwalk

The community outreach process began last week with the first of eight meetings designed to gather community feedback as the City branding process moves forward. Then, on Tuesday of this week, a group of 36 seniors gathered at the Senior Center to share their thoughts on the community and what it means to them. A lively discussion ensued surrounding the challenges and opportunities facing the City. The feedback received at this and all of the community meetings will inform the creative process as a new logo and tagline are developed for the City of Norwalk.

At both community outreach meetings, members of the public participated in an exercise designed to solicit ideas about the values and defining characteristics of the City. Outreach continues next Monday with a Community Meeting conducted in Spanish, for more information on upcoming meetings click here. To provide feedback at the Defining Norwalk website click here.

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