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City Council Adopts Motto

Members of the Norwalk City Council unanimously adopted “A Connected Community” as the official City motto on Tuesday, October 25th and will move forward with developing a logo to finalize the branding process. This vote comes after a long and thorough process to create a brand that embodies the community and its future goals. At the same time, a series of brand statements were adopted that outline the core values of the community, the accepted beliefs and provide a sense of direction.

In January, the City Council voted to move forward with a citywide branding process that included two months of community outreach and the creative process for developing a fresh identity for the City. The City Council created the Brand Advisory Committee made up of community leaders to oversee the process. The Committee held several meetings and oversaw the consultants as they performed market research and community outreach that engaged the City of Norwalk residents on multiple platforms. The strong feedback and community engagement allowed the City Council to make a clear decision.

Mayor Mike Mendez commented on the newly adopted motto, “’A Connected Community’ has many meanings and implications. From our geographic location to our sense of community pride that is present at every City event, we are ‘A Connected Community’. This motto also provides us with the path forward to accomplish some bold initiatives we have planned for the future. I am excited to see what is up next, which is logo design.”

“A Connected Community” best suits the City of Norwalk because of the residents’ involvement in developing the entire brand statement. During the branding process, the Brand Advisory Committee noted several recurring themes: The City of Norwalk is a family-centered, business- friendly community within a larger metropolitan area and Norwalk is a community where residents feel connected and a sense of belonging. With these recurring themes, the City Council knew that the City of Norwalk was “A Connected Community”.

“A Connected Community” beat out a few other motto options as the favorite. The consultant team will now move into the design phase and to visually depict the City in an image.

Residents can keep informed about the branding process at www.definingnorwalk.com.

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