What does Norwalk have that neighboring communities don’t?

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  1. mlopez90650 at #

    Infrastructure we are known for the Norwalk sign other notable places include county offices/court, jail, mental hospital, sheriff’s facilities (youth, offices, etc.), Cerritos College and railroad. The city is surrounded by freeways (605, 91, 5). We have a unique blend of working and middle class residents.

    Sadly, Norwalk still had higher crime rates than surrounding communities such as Downey, Cerritos, Bellflower, Santa Fe Springs, etc. We have not been able to shake our image of the gangs int he 80’s and 90’s.

  2. saritalynne at #

    Golf N stuff
    The Green line metro station
    A community garden
    The Norwalk Town square
    The Norwalk Arts and Sports Complex
    Cerritos College
    The Norwalk Water Tower

  3. chernan23@hotmail.com at #

    We are conveniently sandwiched in between Orange County and Los Angeles.

    • rutherford_magus at #

      …in other words, the only thing that norwalk has going for it is the fact that it’s located between (or, rather, on the periphery) of comfort and culture.

  4. rutherford_magus at #

    Norwalk and its residents possess a rude sense of defeat, that is, as the result of some indistinct failure — which is to say that the majority of people who live here do not live here by choice…even the people on the city council refuse to even think about calling norwalk their home.

  5. cliintsays at #

    Potholes, outdated infrastructure, public safety cars? I never got that.

  6. um_hey_buddy at #

    Costco! 🙂
    Golf n Stuff
    The Green Line Station
    The “One Ways”

  7. egwoodborne at #

    Lots of gang members with police inmunity

  8. 1950_3rd_gen_norwalk at #

    Norwalk has a small number of positive thing that other cities don’t.
    (others have discussed the ONE WAYS, Crime, Gangs and English as second language dysfunction)

    – Parks & Schools – There is a unique cluster of parks and schools along Leffingwell and foster. The extension of the Riverbed GreenBelt Project of the 90’s makes a nice example of what that corridor could become. Walk-ability is still an issue there, as in most of Norwalk, due to criminal types trolling there. Foster is really a residents route through our city. Parks, Water Tower, Schools, a home garden worth protecting (<– city slogan inspiration?). The medians there could be upgraded to be an asset for Norwalk's image, regarding parks, schools and walk-ability. need better academic standards too though, not just green entourage.

    – Transit & Infrastructure – Norwalk has a strategic position at center point of the regions economic area, in that we are located equidistant from OC and LA. We are close to both N/S & E/W running freeways, making for a nice home base as a commuter. We can take the 460 bus from our Greenline "Bee" smart Metro Station to either Downtown LA or Disneyland. Greenline light rail to near LAX and beyond. We have access to one of the best Bike Ways around, because the San Gabriel River bed is our City's Western border. The park access here is nice too and the Bike Way shows off some of Norwalks more farm related roots, with nurseries, backyard gardens and horse corrals.

    – Historic Structures – Our Town Square sign is unique to our town and is something that no surrounding Town has. It always reminds me of Grandparents. those great people who established roots in Norwalk in the 1950's. That square once was a place were we all went to see movies and shop. that sign is an asset we should embrace. Front Street has some Vintage Buildings, but there is little draw there for business, as the railroad side areas there need greenbelt treatment, as example see what they did in San Luis Obispo next to Cal Poly on california st in google maps street view. We need to expand the atmosphere of the Sports Complex and renewed Norwalk Park southward to bring Front St. into the campus. Lots of potential for small, unique, maybe even trendy/artisan stores there. Does City provide incentive to do so? Restaurants, WHERE'S OUR RED CHILI???